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Ph D Scrapbook

The Ph D Scrapbook has developed from class handouts and from Dr. Twelftree's love of The Atlantic Monthly, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The New Yorker and, on Sunday, The Washington Post, for example. It is primarily a collection of articles likely to be helpful to Ph D students. The items have been arranged in categories in order to make it easy to find topics of most immediate interest.

Some documents are attached to the bibliographic entry. All Chronicle articles can be accessed on their website. Only recent issues may be accessed without a subscription. However, the Regent community has free access through the library. Go to the library home page and click on "Databases." Under "N" select Nexis Lexis Academic. Then click on News and select the Chronicle under "Sources.

The University of Washington has some very interesting material related to the future of Ph D programs up on their Re-envisioning the Ph. D. website.