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"A site . . . mainly for students."

Twelftree, Graham H.

Welcome! Being a student, especially of the New Testament, can be many things: a privilege, exciting, and often life-changing. At times, with a maze of issues and resources it can also be daunting, confusing and life-threatening! This site, mainly for students, especially those in doctoral studies, is designed to provide guides and resources for the study of the New Testament and for a life in the academy.


Dr. Graham H. Twelftree is Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. His research and teaching focus on the historical Jesus, as well as on miracles and exorcism in Early Christianity.


“Certainly one thing that I've learned is that it is important to pick a problem based on how much you care about it. However impenetrable it seems, if you don't try it, then you can never do it. Always try the problem that matters most to you. I had this rare privilege of being able to pursue in my adult life, what had been my childhood dream. I know it's a rare privilege, but if one can really tackle something in adult life that means that much to you, then it's more rewarding than anything I can imagine.”

Andrew Wiles, who solved Fermat’s Last Theorem in the 1990s.